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What I find valuable about Miriam is that she lets you discover your strong character traits.

The connection with Miriam immediately felt familiar. She treated me like a good friend which made me very comfortable. This helped me to express my thoughts and emotions well.

Miriam is honest, straightforward and will not be easily carried away by unreal thoughts. She listens to your story and mirrors what you say. This made me aware of my own way of thinking. Miriam provides well-founded arguments if she disagrees with you and can guide you to possible solutions if necessary.

I am grateful to Miriam for teaching me to love myself. In the beginning that was not easy, but the person she is makes you feel what that love should be.


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Strongly recommended!!!

Miriam, you really are a great life coach. Thank you very much for your help with life coaching, I wish I had this with you years ago better late than never.

Sasha Antonov

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Great listener and coach! She motivated me to tackle my problems and get my life back on track. No matter how small the things that block you from continuing, Mariam is patient and will help you remove the obstacles you set for yourself. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you!

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Started sessions with her and it's amazing how direct and accurate Miriam is. In the beginning you work on the main problem and how it has affected your life. The sessions focus on you as the subject matter expert of your life rather than just telling you how to get better.

I have learned with her that we must forgive yourself for the choices we have made in our past to improve ourselves. It's about learning how we messed up and how we can develop ... To see ourselves with love and love.

She can lead the way, but ultimately you are the one who makes the change and whose life will change your life.


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It helped me with my confidence and social skills.
Now I have more control over myself and do new things to improve my life.