Choose a plan that fits you

A 30-minute strategy session is free of charge!
Let's get started!
3 months
1 to 2 hours a week digital coaching or live coaching
Unlimited email
Firstly you'll get a personal life plan for one year
We will reduce your stress factors
In addition you'll discover your superpower and learn how to use it
Similarly you'll have more selflove and confidence
And last but not least you'll have more freedom from your mental prison
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Self Jade
Faster and more controlled
3 months
3 hours a week digital coaching or live coaching
Daily WhatsApp contact
Firstly you get an in dept personal analyse and high intensity action plan
Secondly you will have control over your life
Therefore you will be able to make better life decisions
Lastly you will make deep and lasting changes
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Rock Krystal Baby
Making radikal steps
4 months unlimited* digital coaching or live coaching
2 months of aftercare
Every step of the way I'm there with you
High intensity coaching where and when* you need it
Moreover you get systemic coaching, also your family can be included in your coaching process
Also you get 1 year free admission for workshops and digital content
In addition you'll receive personalised digital content about your theme
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Rather go for a single session? These are €40 ($48) per half an hour.

Holistic Life Coaching offers exclusive coaching. You won’t be just a number but treated as the top priority which you are.

There is only limited space for new clients. So be sure to book your appointment fast!

We take the time to ensure that your chosen package meets your needs. Our sessions can be both digital coaching as in person.

* Worldwide: in other words, wherever you are, we can make a plan to be there in person for you.

* Unlimited: within reasonable norms.

* When and where: when external factors allow it (coronavirus measures).

** Payment in instalments is possible.